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Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus
Main/ Main Areas of Activities/ Fauna Protection and Rational Use, Game Husbandry, Reserve Management and Studies

Fauna Protection and Rational Use, Game Husbandry, Reserve Management and Studies

Reserve Management and Studies

One of key elements of sound environment is preservation of natural ecosystems and landscapes.

In Belarus this goal is achieved by creating specially protected natural territories (reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, natural landmarks).

So far Belarus has Bereza Biosphere Reserve, 4 national parks (Belovezhskaya Puscha, Braslav Lakes, Narochansky and Pripyatsky) and 98 national sanctuaries. The protected lands account for 8.9% of the total area of Belarus.

Fauna Protection and Rational Use

Wild animals are an essential element of the natural environment and biological diversity, as well as an important component of ecosystem regulation and stabilization.

For preservation and rational use of animal species Belarus has been maintaining a fauna registry and implementing a range of programs aimed at sustainable use of wildlife.

Consistent implementation of comprehensive measures under the Sate Program of Game Husbandry Development, Republican Program of Fishery Development and law enforcement in the area of wildlife protection and management resulted in a constant increase in husbandry resources and fish stock restoration.

Thus, over the last three years the total number of wild ungulate animals grew by 18.5% to reach nearly 132,000 (the moose deer population grew by 18.6%, that of deer – by 6.6%, roe deer – 8.5%, wild boar – 32.9%).

According to estimates, the total fish stock in Belarus’ fisheries is 17.92 thousand tonnes.