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Development of the country’s mineral resource base

27.06.2018 | 09:48

The mineral and raw materials base of the Republic of Belarus includes:

fuel and energy resources (oil and gas condensate, peat, brown coals, oil shale);

chemical and agrochemical raw materials (rock and potassium salts, phosphorites, dolomite, sapropel);

production sector raw materials (iron ore, molding sands, bentonite clays);

civil engineering raw materials (chalk, marl, gypsum, building stone, sand and gravel mixtures, glass and building sands, clays and other materials);

underground waters (fresh and mineral waters, industrial brines).

As many as 83 deposits of hydrocarbons have been discovered in Belarus, of which 60 deposits (72%) are in use;

1,200 deposits of solid fuels, ore and nonmetallic mineral resources, 415 of them (35%) are in use;

More than 20,000 sources of underground water are in use.

The top industrial companies include Belaruskali, the industrial group Belorusneft, Belarusian Cement Plant, Krasnoselskstroymaterialy, Krichevcementnoshifer, Granit Company, Dolomit Company, and other ones.

The Republic of Belarus is a major producer of cement and hydrocarbons in Europe. The country is the world’s third largest producer of potash fertilizers.
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